Ingredient Quality and Lab Testing:
We care deeply about the quality and consistency of all YumEarth products.  We purchase ingredients from
trusted sources around the world.  We invite independent 3rd party quality auditors into our facilities to perform
surprise quality and safety inspections, and we submit our products to independent food testing labs for quality,
contaminants and irregularities regularly, including for vitamin content, lead, arsenic, and nutrient content, to
name a few examples.  We are extremely proud of our superior record of safety and quality as repeatedly
demonstrated by audit and lab results.  We are aware that from time to time certain ingredients gain media
attention for being more healthy or less healthy, but we remain vigilant and consistent and will always continue
these quality assurance testing practices to be certain of the quality that goes into YumEarth products before we
offer them for sale to you no matter what ingredients we use and no matter what ingredient may catch headlines
in the media for a few days as happens from time to time.
1: Are any peanuts used in your product?  No, plus our facilities do not produce anything with peanuts.

Cross Contamination? Our licorice facility is free of peanuts, dairy, soy, sesame, shellfish, and eggs.  Further
our licorice facility is not free of wheat.  We do use wheat that has been processed to allow YumEarth gluten free
licorice to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for gluten-free foods. Our other facilities
are free of free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten,wheat, dairy, soy, sesame, shellfish, and eggs.   The equipment is
thoroughly washed before making YumEarth organic candy, but the equipment is not cleaned between flavors, so
please know there is a risk that a trace amount of berry juice from one flavor may touch another flavor during

Organic Tapioca Syrup? We stopped using Tapioca Syrup in 2008, so any mention of tapioca syrup on any of
our bags or packaging would mean that the bag is either up to 5 years old or we have not yet updated the
packaging via a reprint, but please know that we are removing the mention of Tapioca Syrup on all reprints of our
packaging as we do reprint them from time to time because we do not use this ingredient.

Questions about Safflower Oil or Citrus Oils?
The safflower oil we use is highly refined so it does not contain any allergen proteins or pollen that would cause
an allergic reaction.

Razzmatazz Berry - No Safflower, No Orange, No Lemon
Cheeky Lemon - No Safflower, No Orange, Lemon Yes
Orange Squeeze - No Safflower, Orange Yes, No Lemon
Wet-Face Watermelon - Safflower Yes, No Orange, No Lemon
TooBlueberry Flavor - Safflower Yes
Very Very Cherry - Safflower Yes
Googly Grape - Safflower Yes
Mango Tango - Safflower Yes
Roadside Root Beer - Safflower Yes

Questions about colors:  YumEarth products are colored with fruits, vegetables and roots (NO FOOD DYE #4
or #5 or Blue Lake...).

High Fructose Corn Syrup?  
We do not use high fructose corn syrup in any product.

Natural Flavors in Certified Organic Food:
Food that is Certified Organic under USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) must be grown and processed
using organic farming methods without synthetic pesticides, bio-engineered genes, petroleum-based fertilizers
and sewage sludge-based fertilizers and may include natural flavors using only non-synthetic sources and must
not be produced using synthetic solvents or synthetic carrier systems or any artificial preservative. MSG and other
unannounced artificial ingredients are not permitted in certified organic food.

All our Natural Flavors in our certified organic candy are Organic Compliant Natural Flavors and conform to the
regulations of both the FDA and the very strict National Organic Plan (NOP) by the USDA as described above.  
These YumEarth natural flavors do not contain anything we would not be proud to put in our family’s mouths.  
Please note that we consider our Natural Flavors to be secret recipes so we do not reveal the contents of our
Natural Flavors.  We are aware that some people may not be able to eat some of our flavors because we are
unable to reveal the secret recipe and we are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup - Is it safe?
Some brown rice syrup is sadly sourced from areas where previous crops such as cotton have grown that are
highly absorbent of arsenic in the soil. This occurs in the southeastern part of the US as well as other places. We
do not source from these places and have no idea why any food company would.  We test for lead and arsenic
and other potential contaminants and have done so since we began making YummyEarth items over 9 years ago
when we invented our lollipop recipe for our family.  Arsenic, for example, is measured at <.001 ppm in our
lollipops and gummy bears via the AOAC Official Method 984.27.

Check with your Physician:
We appreciate your allergy questions and always suggest you consult an allergy specialist or physician to
determine if you should consume our product.

10. Is wheat syrup okay if I am gluten-free?
As a Celiac, I was just as surprised as you might be to discover that wheat syrup is gluten free - please see here:
Gluten Free Living - Top 10 Ingredients You Really Don’t Need to Worry About

11. What is Vegan, what has gelatin?
Our Fruit Snacks are vegan with no gelatin and they taste fantastic with a great bouncy chew.  Made with
kosher ingredients (sorry they are not yet supervised as kosher).  Available at Walgreens and other fine stores
and at to ship outside of the US.

Vegan: Our Sour Beans are vegan with no gelatin and they taste awesome and nicely sour.  Made with kosher
ingredients (sorry they are not yet supervised kosher).  Available at TJ Maxx and other fine stores and at
to ship outside of the US.

Vegan: Our lollipops and candy drops are supervised KOF-K kosher parve and they are vegan with no gelatin,
and they taste better than any lollipop on earth!  Available at Walgreens and other fine stores and at to
ship outside of the US.

Vegan: Our gluten-free licorice is vegan and tastes better than any licorice on earth!  Available soon at many fine
stores,, and at to ship outside of the US.

NOT VEGAN: Our Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms are not vegan and not kosher and are made on separate
equipment than our other items as they achieve their magnificently bouncy texture from pork based gelatin.

12: Is there corn in candy?  How about YumEarth certified organic candy?
Corn is usually present in "natural" colors to help as a preservative, in natural flavors (most of our flavors are corn-
free) to help keep all the ingredients together, ascorbic acid as a main ingredient, and citric acid.  All YumEarth
certified organic candy contains trace amounts of corn in some or all of these ingredients.

Yes our Palm Oil is RSPO Certified (found in our gluten free licorice)

As always, we are here for your questions and hope you enjoy YumEarth products as much as we do.

We will add more as question arise.  Thank you.
rob wunder, co-founder
Made in Mexico, USA, and France:
Sergio, my candy partner and the husband of my wife's Cornell University roommate, Tamar, was made in Mexico
as are many of our lollipops and gummy bears.  As long as we are talking about husbands and wives, I want you
all to know that my wife Larisa designs all our packaging - she is beautiful and talented and I am so proud of her!  
Now back to the topic... I was made in the US as are many of our lollipops.  And we love traveling to France so
much that we make our Fruit Snacks there, mostly to serve the rest of the export world - YumEarth products are
currently available in about 30 countries.  We are proud to have created so many fair paying jobs in Sergio's home
country in addition to having created many jobs in the US. Our facilities in Mexico and the US are surprise
inspected frequently by US inspectors, while our facility in France is inspected by French auditors and they all
enjoy exemplary quality and safety records. We implement excellent safety and ingredient control standards at all
facilities and we periodically send finished product to be lab tested for nutrients and contaminants, because, as
dads, that's what we wish all food manufacturers would do.  We believe the secret to quality is caring enough to
do the right thing; as we all know the country of origin means nothing when you don't care about your customers.  
Sergio and I care about quality first..
Ingredient Choices and Allergens:
The Best Taste on Earth and high quality are and have
always been Sergio's and my top goals. Regarding
allergens, I will say that from the beginning we were
surprised to discover not only how many people are
concerned about individual ingredients, but how many
people have allergies and food sensitivities.  We did not
consider allergens or ingredients that people might be
sensitive to when we formulated YumEarth candy, but
we have tried to change our ingredients to
accommodate as many as we can as long as it does
not compromise YumEarth's wonderful taste, flavor and
mouth feel.  It continues to be a truly difficult balancing
act and we greatly appreciate your feedback!!!   In the
summer of 2011 I was diagnosed as a Celiac and for
the first time in my life I have an allergy.  I have always
loved making YumEarth for people with allergies and I
have always enjoyed the challenge of changing
ingredients to suit their needs, but I never actually
wanted to become a "person with an allergy"!!!  Well, I
have no choice, so I now join you and understand
your/our challenge like I never have before.  
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