“They disappeared almost instantly”
name = Cathlyn Harris
comments = I bought some of your lollipops on a whim one
day about two weeks ago while standing in the checkout line
at Jimbo's organic grocery store. I brought my little brown bag
of lollipops back to work and dumped them in our office candy
jar. They disappeared almost instantly and everyone raved
about them. We especially love the razzmatazz, watermelon,
and pomegranate flavors. I've gone back for more
replacements, but they only last a day! We love them!  I just
ordered several bags of your drops (as they're a little more
professional than lollipops) for me and my coworkers to
enjoy. Thank you for this luscious, natural alternative to
traditional candies.

"Why do you make them in Mexico?"
name = Tess
QUESTION: I have many food allergies and was so happy to
find your products. Could you tell me, why do you make them
in Mexico instead of the USA?
ANSWER: Much of the confection industry, including
Hershey's, has migrated some or all production from the US
to the Mexican border greatly due to governmentally mandated
sugar price supports in the US that keep sugar prices
artificially high.  Sergio, the other co-founder, grew up in
Mexico City and lived there before he married my wife's
college roommate, so we are truly proud to have a chance to
create Fair Trade jobs in Mexico at the 50 certified organic
family owned sugar farms that grow our organic sugar and
our production and packing
facilities with more than 65 Fair
Trade employees that produce and package YummyEarth
every day.   
Oregon Tilth and other regulatory bodies regularly
inspect our facilities to maintain strict standards that meet or
exceed the stringent USDA Organic Certification rules.  We
are proud to source all our own organic ingredients, mostly
from the US, we tightly control the manufacturing process,
and we
submit our finished products to the University of
Nebraska and other labs for quality and content testing.
Adult allergies..."You'll never know what this means to me.  Thank you!"
name: Nicole Brennan
comments = Thank you so much for thinking to do this! I was diagnosed with several food allergies a year
and a half ago. This eliminated all candy from my diet... just between the corn and soy allergies there was
didn't bother reading the ingredients because candy had become such a lost cause. I read the ingredients
5 times in disbelief. Even after buying them I waited for my mate to get home to read the ingredients before
I would eat one because I was so surprised. You'll never know what this means to me. Thank you!

Child allergies..."Our 4 year old son is allergic to 18 different foods and has never tasted a lollipop
name: Miranda Roth
comments = We've just placed our first order.  Our 4 year old son is allergic to 18 different foods and has
never tasted a lollipop before.  You can just imagine how excited he is!  Also, our whole family is on the
Feingold diet. Our two daughters are thrilled to be having lollipops again.  You can not imagine how
grateful we are for your product and the extensive information you provide on ingredients.  Thank you so

"3 sons with allergies"
name: Elizabeth Hogge
comments = We have 3 sons who are all allergic to all food dyes.  We have become used to reading the
labels on EVERY food we buy, and they have, sadly, become used to not being able to have treats like
lollipops. UNTIL NOW! thank you so much! God bless!

"dairy, nut, corn, wheat, gluten free...family"
name: Semme P
comments = Thank you so much for making the yummy earth products. My 5 yr old has had severe food
allergies since she started eating solid food. I carry them with me so she has something when her little
friends are all eating candy. We also started giving them to our 9 yr old who has ADD and Tourette's issues
where diet is important.  Our local health food store carries the lollipops and OMG are they a big hit in my
house! We are grateful beyond words that there are people like you with the knowhow to make these
products that are creating changes in our lives! The diet issues are so time consuming and stressful that
when you find a product like this it is very emotional! My whole family is able to live dairy, nut, corn, wheat,
gluten free for the best quality of life thanks to people like you! It's so important to me I get anxiety to think
you may one day not be making them! So PLEASE don't stop! There are many smiling little faces because
of you!!
"My mom and I LOVE the lollipops."
Molly Morris, 12 years old
"My lovely lady friend found your lollipops at her local market and made them part of a
smoking cessation kit she created for me. Your delicious lollipops have helped me quit
smoking. Thanks!!!!"
PS. Sorry kids, you'll have to share.
M. Paul Redd Jr.
"I'm a sixteen year old health addict with a sweet tooth. YummyEarth candy drops taste like
pure happiness."  Laura Buffalo
"Yummy Earth pops are the only pops I trust."
Jessica Paravalos
"You are the answer to my prayers.
There is not one candy on the market that my three boys can eat until we found
YummyEarth lollipops.  
"best candy I have EVER had"
I got a bin today of 150 Yummy Earth suckers! WOW - they are by far the best candy I have
EVER had.....soooooo gooooood!!  I don't even have the words to describe how flavorful
they are.  Everyone in the family loved them!
Fundraising:  "when my class made a sale in school we sold organic lollypops because our
principal doesn't let sugar snacks and we only had 500 to sell and they all sold in 15
minutes. We ordered another 900 pops because kids are still requesting them."  Rickles -
from NYC
8 Year Old's Favorite!   "Thought you'd like to hear what my 8-year-old daughter said
when we picked up our monthly bag of lollipops.  "You know why these are so good,
Mommy?  When you get a little on your lip and then lick it off, it kind of sparkles on your
lips."  "Hmmmm!" I said.  "You know, Mommy, it's not like those...kind of...oh, the ones that
you think are going to taste so good but they really only taste like really super sweet and
they all taste like really weird cherry."  Her favorite flavor in the assortment bag so far is:
"You guys are awesome -- I just think it's great to see
people care about our little ones and want to change the
way people think about what we feed them. My three
little ones LIVE for these lollipops and I gladly give them
one (or two) each day. I will continue to tell everyone
what a great product you have and what a great
company you are. Thanks so much!" Jennifer
New Family Tradition   "I just wanted to thank your company for a new family tradition.  I
buy your fruit-flavored organic candy drops in bulk from Frontier Coop.  Every night, after
dinner, my 2.5 year old daughter asks me for "Just one candy".  We then take down the bag,
and she picks out her candy drop for the night.  She loves the flavors and the "treat" aspect
of it, and I love that I don't have to worry about artificial flavors or colors or any of the other
undesirable stuff so often found in candies today."  Kathleen
I cried in line - allergy mom:
I just wanted to write and tell you "THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!". I cried in line at Toys R Us
because I was going to be able to give my multi-allergic son his first lollipop! YEAH! He
casein, whey, wheat, eggs, and peanuts so you can imagine what difficulty I have trying to
find some treats for him to have when other kids are having theirs. He absolutely loves them
and so does my daughter who has no food allergies but says "these are the best lollipops
ever mom!" Thank you for making my kids smile and for making my heart melt
every time I give these awesome organic lollipops to them. Bless you  Yummy Earth, each
and every one of you!"   Melissa Glastetter
Welcome to
The #1 Organic Candy in America.